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Our Story

Welcome to Nyianga Store! 

Nyianga is a dream come true!
In 2015 the desire to work for myself started to press very hard on me. I wanted to do something exiting, meaningful and simple that gives joy to everyone involved. One phone call to my native, Cameroon, ET VOILA!

During the Christmas holidays I ordered a couple dozen of jewelry and I showed them to my friends. They immediately liked them! Some of my friends offered them to their family members as Christmas gifts. They reported to me that it was a big success.

II decided to take the jewelry to a much larger public. First, I rented a stand at my favorite local farmers market, The Broad Street Market in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – I still rent a stand there every Saturday. Then, occasionally, I attend some local events such as The Harrisburg Flea Market and the Kwanzaa Festival to name a few.

And now in 2019 my webstore is finally in place to be able to offer you our products from where ever you are.

Handmade Jewelry
The jewelry from Nyianga are hand made by young Cameroonian crafters. Thus, while they give me great joy to take to market and make you look naturally beautiful, Nyianga also provide these young artists the reward to earn a living from the art work. It’s a unique and beautiful love triangle where everyone benefit.

Over time I added more African craft items, sheabutter, black soap and finally clothing. Like with the jewelry the clothing is the result of teamwork between young Cameroonian designers and myself. Most of the clothes are made from Cameroonian cotton, bazin and linen fabrics.

As the vision continues to grow so does the store. Please come and visit often as you’ll never know what new exiting things you will find on your next visit.

Thank you!
It is the support of people like you that has lifted Nyianga from it’s crawling beginnings to take its first baby steps. With the continued support by people like you Nyianga will walk then run into the future. Most of all, remember that in Nyianga Store you is where Fashion meets Nature.
Chantal Nga Eloundou, Store Owner and Visionary